The Vision

Kathy Martinez is the designer and creative director behind HOMER AVENUE | the label, a distinct and unique womenswear inspired by art. Born in New York City, Kathy grew up loving fashion, art and design. Throughout her journey, art influenced her life and style. Art always stopped her on her tracks and that is what she envisioned for her collection, for people to stop and admire. Fashion has always found a way to borrow from art. The two have a symbiotic relationship where the one inspires the other. This relationship has been highlighted several times, for instance, when Gianni Versace's Spring 1991 collection featured outfits printed with Andy Warhol's brightly colored, silk-screened portraits of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and other famous icon's. This is one of the times when fashion and art fuse, another one is when Kathy Martinez created HOMER AVENUE | the label.

When Kathy is not working on her visions for HOMER AVENUE | the label, she's enjoying time with family and friends in her Miami home. Kathy continuously draws inspiration for her clothing from art, travel, film and pop culture. To Kathy, HOMER AVENUE | The Label is a celebration of her obsession for fashion, art and quality clothing.